01/16/2015 10:19 am ET Updated Jan 16, 2015

Chris Christie Scolds 'Self-Consumed' New Jersey Reporters For Behaving 'Like Children'

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hit back at local New Jersey reporters on Thursday, calling them "self-consumed" individuals who act "like children."

During NJ 101.5's “Ask the Governor” radio show, Christie commented on the criticisms he's received for blocking New Jersey reporters from a meeting he held Tuesday with national reporter ahead of his State of the State address. Christie invited members of the press from CNN, ABC, NBC, the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, but shut his doors to local media. Meanwhile, the governor continues to consider a 2016 presidential run.

“Could you find a group of more self-consumed people? On a day like that, they are writing about themselves," the governor said in response to complaints from local New Jersey media. “Do you think the public cares a whit whether they got into a private meeting?”

"The other private meetings they’ve had with me, which they’ve had within the last month, they didn’t report on that did they?” he continued. “They didn’t did they because that would be fair, and God knows we wouldn’t want to be that."

“If they want to act like children, let them act like children,” he added. “That’s the way it goes.”