01/20/2015 07:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

America's Favorite Soup Is Not What You Think It Is

It is our general opinion that anything made with cream is good. Ice cream, whipped cream, see what we mean? So when we learned that 85 percent of Americans prefer brothy soups to cream-based ones, like lobster bisque, well, we were stunned.

We understand the country's undying love for chicken noodle -- that soup has been there for us more times than we can count -- but we never thought that would translate into more than three-quarters of the country turning its back on cream. Personal Creations surveyed Americans to discover this finding, along with some other interesting soup opinions -- like the fact that split pea soup didn't make it to the top four(?!?).

We won't lie, we're a little disappointed in our fellow Americans. But at least tomato soup got the love it deserves, so we forgive.

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