01/21/2015 08:17 pm ET Updated Jan 21, 2015

Here's What High School Students Say About Obama's State Of The Union Address


These public high school students are not yet old enough to vote, but they had a lot to say about President Barack Obama's State of the Union address.

Students at Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, Virginia, have been asked for the past few years by AP government teachers Ken Halla and Doug Zywiol to tweet their feedback to the president's annual State of the Union address. Hundreds of tweets poured in from high school seniors during Tuesday night's speech, until the hashtag #Hayfieldgovclass was trending.

The teachers told The Huffington Post that the assignment gets students excited about the speech. Students who don't have access to Twitter get alternative homework. This year, the teachers said students seemed especially interested in Obama's idea to make community college free.

"As seniors, they seemed very interested in hearing what he had to say" about community college, Halla said by phone. "There seemed to be kind of a spike in the tweets."

The tweets reveal how teens felt about the president and the nation's pressing issues. Here are some of their comments:



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