01/21/2015 12:10 am ET Updated Jan 21, 2015

The Ridiculous SOTU Spanish Subtitles Made Us Laugh And Cry At The Same Time


The White House YouTube account offered a version of Tuesday's state of the union speech with Spanish subtitles.

But as the bloggers at Latino Rebels immediately noticed, the closed-captioning was atrocious.

Most of it flew by so fast it was impossible to catch to anyone but hyper-caffeinated speed readers. The captions that did remain on the screen long enough to read often contained egregious errors that made the text incomprehensible.

It appeared that more than one translator was on the job -- one who wrote normally and one who wrote in all caps. The all-caps translator was responsible for the lion's share of the errors.

To the White House's credit, they posted the full text of the comments translated into Spanish online and offered Spanish-language updates on Twitter during the speech.

Check out a sampling of how awful the Spanish-language captions were below.

SOTU's Hilariously Awful Spanish Subtitles