01/22/2015 02:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dancing Mom-To-Be Reveals Baby News To Hubby With Cue Cards And Choreography

When dance instructor and choreographer McKenna Lynch learned she was pregnant, she knew she wanted to surprise her husband Sam with the news. Coming up with a specific idea for the big reveal was a no-brainer for the dance fanatic.

"I feel like I can express my love and excitement better through dance than I can with words," McKenna told The Huffington Post. The mom-to-be researched songs that she felt captured her marriage and planned out some basic choreography to express her feelings about this next exciting chapter. With cue cards and mostly improvised moves, McKenna danced for Sam the story of their journey together, ending with the news "We're due July 2015!"

The baby news was particularly emotional for the Utah couple, as McKenna's first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage last February. "I went into labor and had to deliver at home, so it was a pretty traumatizing experience for us," she recalled. But, as one of her cue cards states, "We got through it together."

After progressing a bit further in her pregnancy, McKenna posted the video of her announcement dance on YouTube to share the news with other friends and family. After sharing the video, she and Sam were touched to find support from online strangers as well.

"I hope that by watching this video people will see a story full of love, loss, hope and now, excitement!" McKenna told The Huffington Post.

As for now, the mom-to-be is experiencing the ups and downs of pregnancy. "Being pregnant is hard," she said. "I cry while watching 'Master Chef', I am too tired to blow dry my hair, and I throw up so hard my back muscles get sore. And the truth is? I wouldn't trade it for anything."

Best wishes to the Lynch family!

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