01/22/2015 04:06 pm ET Updated Jan 22, 2015

Rev. Jim Wallis: 'Defy Hollywood, See Selma'

Ava DuVernay's "Selma" was one of 2014's best-reviewed films, but when nominations for the 87th annual Academy Awards were announced last week, "Selma" was only called twice: Best Picture and Best Original Song. That meant DuVernay, star David Oyelowo (who plays Martin Luther King Jr. in the film), cinematographer Bradford Young, editor Spencer Averick and a host of other talented people associated with "Selma" were ignored by the Academy. These were snubs that didn't sit well with anyone, especially Rev. Jim Wallis, President and Founder of Sojourners. "I'm still stunned by all that," Wallis told HuffPost Live's Roy Sekoff in an interview at Davos on Thursday.

What did Wallis make of the controversy surrounding the film's depiction of Lyndon B. Johnson and his role in passing the Voting Rights Act of 1965? "Johnson could never have done this without Selma. The movie is about Selma, not Johnson. A movie about a movement of people who risked their lives for change. Johnson was willing to do the right thing, but King risked his life."



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