01/26/2015 09:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How My Parents Divorce Shaped Me, From Jennifer Aniston (VIDEO)

When asked what shaped Jennifer Aniston during her childhood, Jen said that her parent's divorce was a curveball that taught her how to get through hard times. "I was nine," Jen says, "and it was the first time I remember thinking, life is different. This is painful, and this is not going away." Jen says that it was a was really a big heartbreak, because she really loved her parents and thought they were great together. "I think that's when my sense of humor flourished," she says, "I'd try to bring joy into the house as much as possible." Knowing at a young age how to be strong and hold someone else up when they couldn't is something that Jennifer learned early on, and it prepared her to deal with life's challenges.

View the slideshow below for 10 reasons why I love Jennifer Aniston!

10 Reasons Why I Love Jennifer Aniston

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