01/27/2015 01:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Disney Princesses With Realistic Hair Make Us Love Them Even More

Portrayals of Disney princesses have long been criticized for perpetuating completely unattainable body standards. When realistic waistlines, busts and hips disappear from the big screen, it spells trouble for girls everywhere who want to look like their favorite characters.

That's why we couldn't help but chuckle when we saw these altered images of Disney princesses with hair far more realistic than the lucious locks animators originally drew.

Just look at Mulan's hair with the inevitable frizz brought on by humidity:

And Ariel's sopping wet hair (she is a mermaid after all):

The realistic Disney princess characters are the brainchild of Buzzfeed's Loryn Brantz, who first brought us "Disney Princesses With Realistic Waistlines." She previously spoke to The Huffington Post about why she created the illustrations.

"As a woman who loves Disney and has dealt with body image issues, it has been something I've always wanted to comment on, particularly after seeing 'Frozen,'" Brantz said. "While I loved the film, I was horrified that the main female character designs haven't changed since the '60s."

Though we couldn't be happier to see Brantz make some much-needed physical changes on our favorite Disney characters, we do have one suggestion for her -- add Princess Tiana!

Head over to Buzzfeed to view the rest of the princesses here.



If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Waistlines