01/28/2015 08:29 am ET Updated Jan 28, 2015

Older Boomers More Engaged At Work Than Younger Boomers

Fuse via Getty Images

he percentage of U.S. workers who are still in the workforce begins to drop steadily after age 60, but those who continue to work are more likely to be engaged -- involved in and enthusiastic about their work and more productive members of their workplace -- than younger workers.

Baby boomers, the oldest of whom was 68 in 2014, comprise a large segment of those who remain in the workforce after age 60. Older baby boomers in the workforce, those aged 60 to 68, are more likely to be engaged in their work and workplace (35%) than younger baby boomers, those aged 50 to 59 (31%). This suggests a possible winnowing effect, in which engaged workers are most likely to remain in the workforce after age 60, perhaps because they have the best job situations.

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