01/29/2015 09:57 am ET

Why Katy Perry Won't Be The Superbowl's 'Girl Power' Moment

Bradley Kanaris via Getty Images

The Super Bowl wants to have what the VMAs are having. After Beyoncé’s Internet-shaking performance at MTV's Video Music Awards last year, in which she spelled out “FEMINISM” in bright letters on stage, the NFL desperately needs its own “girl power moment,” as a recent Yahoo headline put it.

The league hopes Perry will be an olive branch to female viewers after the Ray Rice fiasco showed the league’s utter disregard for violence against women; Rice was infamously suspended for all of two games after video of the Baltimore Ravens player beating his then-fiancée publicly leaked on the Web. Furthering the NFL's Robin Thicke-esque mission to get women back, Perry’s invitation coincides with a planned 60-second PSA on domestic violence.

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