01/30/2015 07:00 am ET Updated Feb 03, 2015

Solid Perfumes Will Make You Smell Good, Without All The Fuss

The hustle and bustle of morning routines can often lead us to forget a couple of key elements to our day, such as house keys, matching socks and a spritz of a favorite perfume. And you're forgiven if that spritz ends up in your mouth and eyes -- hey, coffee was invented for a reason!

Behold: the answer to all those errant sprays and not-so-subtle yacks: solid perfumes.

Yes, perfume can come in solid form, and we're not talking about rollerballs. Concrete formulas are mixtures of oils, waxes and other ingredients that are poured into containers such as tins to eventually harden. Users can then rub it on pressure points.

Although this might be a new concept to some, solid fragrances have been providing smells for ages. For example, in Ancient Egypt, solid perfumes were believed to have healing properties, while Ancient Rome ingested mixtures for bodily balance. And fancy Europeans found dry scents quite chic, carrying them around in lockets.

Most importantly, rumor has it that Cleopatra put waxy scents on her mouth before kisses... so there's that.

Today, solid perfumes provide a great deal of service. Carry one for on-the-go access or combine different scents, as solid perfumes are build-able and therefore act as the perfect foundation for layering.

So, whether you're new or old to the concrete fragrance game, here are some rad products that'll give everyone a chance to find their signature solid scent.

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