01/31/2015 09:11 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

The Rise Of 'Mostly Straight' Dudes--why Men's Sex Lives Are More Complicated Than You Think

ONOKY - Eric Audras via Getty Images

Warning: This article contains sexually explicit material.

A straight guy licked my face once. It was in high school between classes and I was at my locker, running late as always. One of the guys from our school’s soccer team walked up to me, which I thought was unusual. We weren’t friends exactly, friendly enough to say hello in the hallway but not make time for conversation, and definitely not friends enough for a full stop. I turned from my books, and before I knew it, his saliva was smeared all across my cheek. Startled and more than a little freaked out, I quickly yelped, “No, I can’t,” and scuttled the other direction. We barely talked for the rest of high school.

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