02/03/2015 08:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tuesday's Morning Email: Vaccine Debate Alarms Medical Experts

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AS MEASLES OUTBREAK SPREADS, A VACCINE DEBATE BEGINS "Medical experts reacted with alarm Monday as two top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination appeared to question whether child vaccinations should be mandatory -- injecting politics into an emotional issue that has taken on new resonance with a recent outbreak of measles in the United States." Here's where all the 2016 GOP candidates stand on vaccinations, as well as Hillary Clinton's response. Meanwhile, check out a map of measles cases across the U.S. [WaPo]

BP: $4.4 BILLION LOSS IN FOURTH QUARTER Not everyone loves lower gas prices. [NYT]

UN: SERBIA DID NOT COMMIT A GENOCIDE IN CROATIA During the Balkan Wars in the 1990s. [Reuters]

STAPLES, OFFICE DEPOT BEGIN MERGER TALKS Your stapler options appear to be getting more monopolized. [WSJ]

RADIOSHACK DISCUSSING LIQUIDATION Half of its stores would be sold to Sprint, with the other half closed for good. [Bloomberg]

SEC. OF DEFENSE NOMINEE SAYS HE'S WILLING TO KEEP TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN "[Ashton Carter] says he would consider changing the current plans for withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of next year if security conditions worsen." [AP]

NYPD AND THE CHOKEHOLD "The similarities are striking. Both Anthony Baez and Eric Garner, in their final moments, were put into chokeholds by officers from the New York City Police Department. Both of the cops involved were white, while Baez and Garner were minorities and unarmed. Both men’s deaths set off protests across the city, their names added to a long list of black and Latino men who have died in altercations with police. But Francis Livoti, the officer who killed Baez, ultimately spent seven years in a federal prison. In December, a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo in Garner’s death." [HuffPost]


BOBBI KRISTINA 'FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE' The family of the 21-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown asked for privacy as Bobbi continues to fight for a recovery. [HuffPost]

THE INTERNET IS HELPING THE MAN THAT WALKS 21 MILES TO WORK EACH DAY "It takes James Robertson eight hours to make the 46-mile commute to and from work. He walks 21 of those miles every day … After the Detroit Free Press published Robertson's story, thousands responded on Facebook, asking how they could help. Evan Leedy, a student at Detroit's Wayne State University, decided to set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for Robertson to buy a car." [HuffPost]

A SNEAK PEEK AT THE RETURN OF 'FROZEN' Elsa wants to throw a birthday party for Anna in the short film that will premiere in March. [USA Today]

GOOGLE VS UBER: THE FUTURE OF CAR HAILING SERVICE Google is looking to open its own ride-sharing service, possibly involving the riderless cars its been developing. [Bloomberg]

MARION 'SUGE' KNIGHT CHARGED WITH MURDER "Former hip-hop music mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight was charged Monday with murder and attempted murder after he struck two men with his pickup truck last week. Prosecutors allege that Knight intended to run down a friend and another man after an argument on a movie set. One of the men was killed." [AP]

BEYONCE REALLY DOES LOVE KALE Queen B is launching an on-demand vegan meal delivery service. [Business Insider]

DOJ WON'T BE PROSECUTING NEWS CORP. Over the London phone hacking scandal. [Variety]

THE UPSIDE OF STRESS "By now it's clear that stress can harm our health in a multitude of ways, and new scientific research reinforcing its negative effects seems to debut weekly. But something we often fail to discuss is the positive side of stress, the conscious role we play in creating it, and how it can actually help us be more productive, creative and successful every day." [HuffPost]


THE DANGER OF ANTI-VAXXERS "Anti-vaxxers, on the other hand, are no longer deserving of my patience and compassion. People who purposely choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children against diseases like measles, whooping cough, rubella, and so on are endangering the lives of others. In the current measles outbreak that started in Disneyland, six babies have contracted measles. All of these babies are younger than 1 year old, which is the age at which the first MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine is done. These infants were counting on us, their herd, to provide them with community immunity until they were old enough to get vaccinated." [HuffPost]


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