02/04/2015 08:14 am ET Updated Feb 04, 2015

5 Lessons From A Woman Who 'Purged' Herself Of The Internet

Blend Images - Colin Anderson via Getty Images

Want to become dramatically more productive in just one month? Try unfollowing everyone on the Internet.

That's what San Francisco-based photographer Helena Price did, in an effort to better engage with humans and to ramp up her business: She kept her accounts active, but unfollowed all of her connections. While the process was by no means easy--she described her initial response as feeling like she'd "murdered something beautiful"--the results were more than worth it: Price estimates that post-purge, she spent 10 hours more per month exercising and seeing friends, and devoted an extra 20 hours to rebuilding her entire website and portfolio. Overall, she is now happier, more efficient, and extroverted, she wrote in a post on Medium.

Here are five of her biggest takeaways, which should inspire you to undertake an e-purge today.

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