02/04/2015 04:29 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Lance Bass Recalls The Moment He Came Out As Gay To His *NSYNC Bandmates

Newlywed Lance Bass recalled the moment he came out to his *NSYNC bandmates in a HuffPost Live interview that aired this week.

Bass, who tied the knot with husband Michael Turchin in December 2014, said he'd been dating his first boyfriend for just a few weeks when bandmate Joey Fatone spotted the two cuddling by a computer.

"My boyfriend was the only person I'd ever told I was gay, so one person knew at that point," Bass said. "Joey was the second person."

Though Fatone and the other *NSYNC members were ultimately supportive, Bass said he still felt tremendous anxiety when it came to speaking out publicly about his sexuality.

"With *NSYNC, I had four of my best friends with me and their careers in my hands," he said. "I thought if anyone found out I was gay, we'd be the most hated band in the world, and the guys would hate me and I'd be kicked out of the group."

Bass and Turchin's nuptials are the focus of new E! special, "Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding." which airs Feb. 5. The broadcast will reportedly mark the first time a same-sex celebrity wedding has been televised.



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