02/04/2015 07:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Parents Of A Heroin Addict Get A Wake-Up Call

Alyssa and Steve say their daughter, Paige, is a heroin addict who has overdosed 16 times. Watch their story here.

They turn to Dr. Phil for help ... but could they be part of their daughter's problem?

Dr. Phil tells Steve, "One of the things you said that just got all over me is, 'I'm just not sure she's hit rock bottom yet.'"

Dr. Phil raises his voice to get his point across: "She's OD'd 16 times! She's whoring herself on a sugar-daddy website! She is stealing from her own family! What do you need to see before you say, 'It's time to get real about this?' "

He adds, "The reason that this hasn't worked so far is because you haven't manned up. You've got to man up here."

See what happens when Dr. Phil confronts Paige and her boyfriend, whom her parents believe is part of the problem, on Tuesday's show. Check local listings here.

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