02/04/2015 06:14 pm ET Updated Feb 04, 2015

Shoveling Snow Just Got Easier And A Lot More Fun

Shoveling snow can be a great workout, but it's also a little time-consuming and labor intensive.

Joshua Jordan, a West Virginia magician -- or illusionist, as he refers to himself -- has a snow shoveling "hack": Make a snowball and start rolling it up. By the time he's done rolling, Jordan has cleared a whole snow-free path.

Jordan tells The Huffington Post his video is not an illusion, but cautioned that snow rolling only works with a certain type of snow.

"It's really like making a glorified snowman, to be honest," Jordan told The Huffington Post. "It's something I always did to get from my front porch to the car in the driveway, which is about 25 feet and all grass. The area in which I lived in West Virginia is like the Bermuda triangle for wet, heavy, thick snow, which is why we have killer ski resorts."

"We always get that type of snow different from most of the country," he continued. "But this method is way better on your back and knees and much less time consuming."

The Weather Channel's Tom Niziol said such snow-rolling is "absolutely for real," confirming for AMHQ viewers that snow rolling is only possible under specific conditions.

“Those are nice conditions," he said of Jordan's video. "The snow ... is just wet enough that it really packs together easily and he can actually roll that."

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