02/04/2015 12:04 pm ET Updated Feb 04, 2015

Walmart Heiress' Ex Wants A Whopping $400,000 A Month, Including Money For Charitable Donations

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Walmart heiress Paige Laurie filed for divorce from her husband of six years, Patrick Bode Dubbert, last March. Eleven months later, he's reportedly decided Laurie should pay him $400,000 a month in spousal support before taxes.

Dubbert's monthly necessities include his rental home (between $40,000 and $60,000), furniture ($10,000), personal chef ($6,700), clothes ($5,000), personal trainer ($2,500), vacations ($30,000), entertainment ($80,000), personal stylist ($1,000) and driver ($4,000), according to TMZ. He is also reportedly asking for a monthly stipend of $2,500 to make charitable donations -- yes, you read that right.

Dubbert says he was used to living an extravagant lifestyle with Laurie, and because they had a company together -- a retail center in Malibu, California -- he needs some time to get back into the job market. According to Page Six, the couple has a prenup entitling Dubbert to spousal support.

Laurie is the granddaughter of James "Bud" Walton, the co-founder of Walmart. Dubbert and Laurie were high school sweethearts, according to The Daily Mail, and had a secret wedding in Columbia, Missouri, in June 2008.

The couple's divorce has been a messy one so far. In May, Dubbert claimed Laurie was having an affair and was using the divorce as a cover-up, and Laurie filed a civil lawsuit against Dubbert saying he was taking thousands of dollars from their business.

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