02/05/2015 06:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fark The Vote! Drew Curtis Runs For Kentucky Governor

This is going to be one kick-ass victory party.

Fark founder Drew Curtis is running for governor of Kentucky. And even though his website is famous for ragging on politics and media, he’s not kidding. He’s filed the necessary paperwork, and his wife, Heather -- the widely acknowledged brains behind Fark -- is in line to be his lieutenant governor.

To be sure, it’s easy to come up with a long list of reasons why the 41-year-old Lexington entrepreneur would be the worst candidate on Earth. He freely admits to saying “the masses are morons”. (Of course, his election might be the best proof that he’s right.)

Moreover, the public debauchery at his parties might make the late Hunter S. Thompson blush. Ours is “a generation of swine," indeed.

Still, we at HuffPost Weird News have some thoughts on why Curtis might actually be an excellent politician.

Here goes:

1. He built a viable business — became a huge traffic driver in the late 1990s. And it continues to be one of the top 10 social media news sites.

2. He’s a visionary — Fark came along before Reddit and Twitter and the like. The site basically anticipated the role social media would one day play. (For this reason alone he should be elected … or executed … or both.)

3. He builds communities — Fark is one of the many websites that emerged in the late-90s web boom. Most of the others failed. Fark has survived because Curtis cultivated a community of commentators. Other social media sites have surpassed Fark, but longtime Farkers have kept Fark relevant.

4. He brings people together — Meet up with Curtis in New York City, and you’ll find him in a bar with media from across the political spectrum. It’s one of the few events where you’ll see HuffPost editors throw back drinks with Fox News execs. (And I’ll gladly name those Fox News staffers, if they’re willing to admit they’ve hung out with a lowlife like me.)

5. Like every other candidate, Curtis has written a book bashing the media and casting himself as the voice of reason — His 2007 tome, “It’s Not News, It’s FARK: How Mass Media Tries to Pass Off Crap as News,” has more guns, gravy, grits and god than Mike Huckabee’s vanity project, and it does a much better job at explaining why America is flushing itself down a toilet of nonsense.

6. He loves his wife — although, if he were truly honest with himself and the citizenry of Kentucky, he’d admit that she deserves the top slot.

7. He drinks plenty of bourbon — That’ll keep the state’s powerful distiller lobby happy. And, once again, because it bears repeating, it’s going to be a kick-ass victory party.


Curtis actually claims to stand for something. He describes himself as a “citizen candidate” who opposes money in politics and the lethargy of both parties. He stands for common sense, data-driven solutions and net neutrality.

Of course, the fact that Fark pumps huge amounts of traffic to HuffPost Weird News has nothing to do with our enthusiastic support for the only man qualified to take the Bluegrass State to new heights of greatness.

We’re impartial. We’re honest. We’re the media. We’re so convinced, we can’t even name anyone else who’s running. Why would anyone even bother? Vote Fark!

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