02/05/2015 04:51 pm ET

Here's How To Make Your Fundraising Video Go Viral

Blend Images - Granger Wootz via Getty Images

Earlier this year, I made a video that went viral. This video  -- created to help fund a cure for a complex degenerative brain disease that 4-year-old Eliza O’Neill and thousands of others suffer from  --  took a flagging GoFundMe campaign that had only managed to raise $96,000 over 9 months and helped it to raise $900,000 in 2 months.

Renewed efforts to raise enough to fund the clinical trail in full ultimately led to the campaign raising another $800,000 over the next 6 months, shattering the all time GoFundMe record by over a million dollars… and all this because a stranger from the other side of the world decided to fly himself over and make a miracle video.