What You Need To Hear If Your Grown Child Still Lives With You

Mike and Vicki say they want their 37-year-old son, Ryan, to move out of their garage, where he's been living with his girlfriend. Watch their story here.

They turn to Dr. Phil, who tells them: "You have to give yourself permission to say, 'It is my turn. It is my house. I'm going to go do what the hell I want to go do.' And if that is to get a one-bedroom in a high-rise in Miami or Palm Beach or wherever, with no forwarding address for six months, you have to do what it is you need to do."

In the video above, Dr. Phil pushes them to own their role in the situation.

"There are no victims, only volunteers. If you continue to subject yourself to this, then you're volunteering for it," he tells them. "You're not doing this to help him; you're doing this to allay your own anxiety and guilt. You're doing this to make you feel better, not to help him. Because it's not helping him! Necessity is the mother of invention. He has no necessity. He would not sleep until 2 in the afternoon if he couldn't."

Watch Wednesday's episode of Dr. Phil to find out if this family is will make the changes they say they want -- check local listings here.