02/05/2015 10:24 am ET Updated Feb 05, 2015

Shep Smith Flies To Jordan Following Burning Of Pilot: 'We Felt The Need To Be Here'

Tuesday afternoon, Fox News' Shepard Smith gave a wrenching, verbal account of a video purporting to show Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh being burned alive by militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Smith did so, he said, to spare his viewers from witnessing the gruesome footage themselves.

The next day, Smith and his crew flew from New York City to Jordan in order to continue covering the events firsthand.

“Until now, there has been a divide on whether the fight against ISIS is Jordan’s to wage,” Smith said in an interview with TVNewser. “Here in Amman, there is a feeling tonight that the people are united behind King Abdullah. We felt the need to be here for this moment. Many hope it may be pivotal.”