02/05/2015 10:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mom LOSES IT After Son Returns Home Early From Traveling Abroad

After spending two years traveling abroad, 25-year-old Harry McGurk decided to surprise his mom by coming home a little early.

Judging from her reaction (which includes some NSFW language), captured in a video McGurk uploaded to YouTube late last month, it nearly killed her.

"The original plan was to travel for another two years and fly to New Zealand but my passport was soon to expire," McGurk told Daily Mail Australia. "I thought I would come home, surprise her and renew my passport before I head off again."

McGurk, seen here amid his travels in Australia.

McGurk returned home to southwest London late last year, walking casually through the front door to tell his mom, "My key still works." His mom failed to reciprocate the nonchalance, and fell to the floor screaming (she eventually recovered enough to offer him a hug ... while continuing to scream).

At the end of the video, she collected herself just long enough to share some choice words with her son, who plans to head out for more traveling as soon as he's able.

H/T Reddit

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