02/06/2015 07:37 am ET Updated Feb 06, 2015

Valentine's Day Needs To Break Up With Food

Valentine's Day and eating have long gone hand in hand. There's the chocolates. The fancy dinner. More chocolate (in the form of dessert). When people think about celebrating this day of love, it's almost always centered around food. We know this. But what we don't understand is why?

As food writers, we obviously adore the stuff -- from the everyday breakfast to the hard-to-find exotic ingredients. We sometimes think about food more than we do our own children. But we still believe Valentine's Day and food should break up. While food can make us feel all kinds of wonderful feelings, the one thing it doesn't do is make us feel, er, romantic. After a big meal, that other activity that is so closely associated with this holiday is pretty much off the table. All we want to do is take off our shoes and digest.

If you think we're just being the scrooge of Valentine's Day, hear us out:

Valentine's Day Is Not A Food Holiday

Do you see our point? If so, make a date on Valentine's Day with one of these desserts instead.

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