02/09/2015 12:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Who Made The Mess? Kids Or Dogs?

Jay Silverman Productions via Getty Images

Dogs and kids! Photos and videos of their antics account for approximately 1 million percent of the most adorable things on the Internet. But beneath the heart-melting cuteness, kids and dogs share a more sinister trait: They represent the most destructive forces known to all parentkind, able to destroy several weeks’ worth of cleaning in mere moments. (Seriously, how do they move so fast? Does their cuteness bend space-time?)

Whatever the methods used, the resulting mess often looks the same, even to an expert accomplished in cleaning up after them. We buddied up with Clorox to find the worst messes made by dog and child. It’s up to you to guess who did the deed: canines or kids?

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The Scene:
pen crime
Cheri Graalum stumbled upon this heinous scene in her kitchen one day. As the evidence shows, a suspicious blue liquid was splattered on her tile floor. Nearby lies the mangled remains of what was once a pen. (Rest in peace, pen.) So, dog or kid?

The Scene:
stairs mess
A woman named Meredith stumbled upon an awful mess in her home: Rolls of toilet paper were cascading down her stairs. Who made the mess, canine or 9-year-old?

The Scene:
feather bed mess
Has someone been using the guest bedroom to pluck chickens? More likely, a kid or a dog has been there -- but which one?

The Scene:
garbage mess
Poor Alex Meiser came home to this kitchen horror, which Meiser aptly called a “garbage hurricane.” Empty bottles, cartons and one styrofoam takeout container licked clean. Is that the smoking gun? Can you tell if a dog or kid is behind this mess?

The Scene:
floor mess
Megan Griffin made a grievous mistake: After cooking colored crepes one weekend, she forgot to put away the artificial food coloring. In a household with dog or kids, forgetfulness leads to messes. (Or, in this case, to floors that look like modern art.)

The Scene:
sofa messa
Are we seeing the couch’s stuffing, or just what’s left of a loaf of bread that wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time? Here’s something we are sure of: a dog or kid has been in this room, and recently.

The Scene:
blanket mess
poor stuffed dog
On the one hand, strewn blankets are a telltale sign that kids made this particular mess. On the other hand, our gut tells us that a chewed-up stuffed animal means a dog.

Messes happen. Whether your mess maker walks on two legs or four, Clorox will always be there to help clean up. Even your doggone-est stains will be gone with Clorox Cleaning Tools.