02/10/2015 10:00 am ET Updated Feb 10, 2015

Seniors At Jewish Home Give The Best Dating Advice


What do residents of the Los Angeles Jewish Home have to offer when it comes to dating advice? Based on this video produced by the home, plenty! As a spokesman for the Jewish Home noted, its residents are "experts who have seen it all before." The topics covered include having sex on the first date, who should pay for dinner and whether online dating is the way to go.

"Sympathetic and wise; practical and nurturing; funny and sweet -– seniors at the Los Angeles Jewish Home make the perfect matchmakers," said the accompanying press release. "They know from experience what it takes to light a spark and turn it into a flame." A spokesman for the Jewish Home said the video was prepared for Valentine's Day and was meant to be light-hearted. The young man asking the questions is an associate at the home.

We're on board! After all, who can't use some help in the romance department? The Huffington Post has long documented the difficulties people have finding Mr. and Ms. Right -- no matter what their age. Things, pardon the expression, may just be more complicated now.



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