02/10/2015 09:15 am ET Updated Feb 10, 2015

The Moment Obama Realized He Was Going To Win The Nomination

In his new book, Reggie Love, a former aide to President Barack Obama, recalls the moment Obama thought he had the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination in the books, according to Politico.

Power Forward: My Presidential Education, which was released earlier this month, recounts how Obama and primary opponent Hillary Clinton were talking on the tarmac at Washington National Airport when Clinton "unraveled" and Obama was "keeping his cool."

“I remember Obama telling me later that day that he knew he was going to win the nomination after that moment,” Politico says Love writes in his book.

However, in an interview with Politico, Love said he believes Clinton is "more than capable" if she decides to run for president in 2016. He also noted there are other potential candidates if she passes on the opportunity.

Love also told Politico how his relationship with Obama developed while the two played basketball, noting the president on the court is "not a guy who’s gonna go out and fill up the stat column,” though he "makes everyone better."

Another incident with Obama that Love includes in the book was revealed in January. It describes a time Obama walked in on Love while a friend was spending the night in his hotel room.

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