02/11/2015 03:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Photo Series Shows That Despite Looking Different, All Families Are The Same At Heart

Statistics show that the American family looks quite different than when June Cleaver represented the model mom. Currently, roughly six million kids and adults have an LGBT parent, and the number of children living with two married parents is on the decline. Photographer Michele Crowe portrays these statistics in a stunning photo series to show that families today come in all forms.

She has photographed 40 U.S. families so far -- from interracial and multicultural relatives to same sex partnerships to non-blood relatives -- for her project, titled "The Universal Family." "There will be a new 'normal' someday and I want to help get us all on board with that!" Crowe told The Huffington Post.

The photographer captures her subjects in their own homes, "where they are most comfortable and can be themselves," she explained.

universal family

While each family has a unique "vibe, environment, and dynamic," Crowe says she hopes people who see the photos will recognize the universality in the project. "This project belongs to everybody," the photographer said, adding, "We are all fundamentally the same, and we are all just trying to protect our loved ones." Crowe plans to take her project abroad in the spring.

Keep scrolling for a sample of "The Universal Family" and follow Crowe's blog to watch the project progress.

The Universal Family Portrait Project

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