02/12/2015 02:31 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2015

How An 'Oprah' Magazine Cover Inspired This Man To Get A Divorce

If it wasn't for Oprah, James Braly might still be stuck in a lackluster marriage.

In a conversation with HuffPost Live on Wednesday, the author and performer recalled how a quick glance at an Oprah Magazine cover made him reevaluate his relationship with his wife.

"The interesting thing is, I was a huge believer in staying married forever," he recounted, "and the beginning of the end, for me, was Oprah, believe it or not."

"The cover of her first magazine, the title was 'You can change your mind,'" he continued, "and I was like, 'If Oprah thinks I can change my mind, I can change, because Oprah knows more than I do!'"

Watch more from HuffPost Live's conversation on divorce here.

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