02/12/2015 03:32 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Woman Arrested After Trying To Marry Same-Sex Couple In Alabama Speaks Out

Same-sex couples can now legally marry in Alabama, but the wedding processions haven't come without setbacks.

Ordained minister Anne DiPrizio was arrested on Tuesday for disorderly conduct after refusing to leave the Autauga County Probate Office. She explained to HuffPost Live on Wednesday that when Probate Judge Al Booth refused to grant a lesbian couple a marriage ceremony, she offered to officiate the wedding.

"[Judge Booth] said, ‘No way,'" DiPrizio recalled to host Alyona Minkovski. "He came after the girls in what I considered an aggressive way ... so I stepped in between them. The young woman was crying and I said, ‘You can talk to me about it,’ and I was not compliant with what [Booth] was asking me to do."

DiPrizio refused to leave the office of her own volition because "somebody had to stand up for these girls, and so I did," she said. However, the arrest and its consequences have been jarring enough for DiPrizio to take a step back.

"I’m kind of out of this business right now because I’ve been getting threats and it’s been pretty nasty," she said. "Like I said, I’m a mom ... and I’m a wife, and so that's it, that comes first."

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