02/13/2015 01:56 pm ET

These Artistic Sicilian Wedding Photos Are Unlike Others You've Seen

Wedding photography is sometimes looked at as too commercial to be true art. But Italian photographer Giuseppe Marano believes that weddings can be the subject of some truly transcendent photos. For Marano, it's about people, not couples and guests. It's about life stories, not nuptial ceremonies. That's why the young photographer decided to take a new approach to wedding photography by immortalizing the nuptials of various Sicilian couples with an unedited, personal touch.

Marano is one of the Top 10 ANFM (Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonialisti) photographers of 2013, has received a Mention of Honor at the Ragusa Photo Festival and became a finalist at the Kolga Photo Festival di Tblisi (Georgia) in the same year. His goal has always been to “move people according to my vision, capturing the essence of the person who has chosen me to record their memories,” he told HuffPost Italy. “To transmit emotions without formal constrictions, with discretion and sincerity.”

Below, we present selection of his work. Check out more photos here.

I matrimoni siciliani come non li avete mai visti

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