02/13/2015 04:05 pm ET Updated Feb 13, 2015

Man Caught Trying To Sneak An Absurd Amount Of Beer Into Stadium

The first rule of drinking is "know your limits" -- including the limit of how much booze you can reasonably expect to sneak past security at a sporting event.

This man, who was apparently caught trying to sneak a couple dozen cold ones into a stadium in Turkey, is still learning his limits. The video has been going viral this week after being posted to the Facebook page of a Turkish humor website.

Judging from the jerseys he and his colleagues are wearing, the man is a fan of Göztepe, a soccer team based in the city of Izmir.

What gave our parched protagonist away? Maybe it was the long coat and scarf, while everyone else is wearing T-shirts. Maybe it was the bulging beer vest underneath, stuffed full of two cases-worth of brew. Or maybe it's the sweat he keeps wiping off his forehead, presumably from either nerves or wearing such a heavy coat.

Of course, his friend wonders aloud if he was able to sneak the beer in, and that doesn't exactly help the situation. Per a translation by The Huffington Post, after the smuggler is caught, someone in the crowd says, "I'm literally hurt seeing this. The beers are gone."

Better luck next time, friend.

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