02/13/2015 04:44 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

2015's Trans 100 Event To Be Held In Chicago

Mike Windle via Getty Images

Are you ready for the 2015 Trans 100?

The Trans 100 is an annual event in its 3rd year that honors some of the most influential voices leading the transgender movement. Co-directed by Rebecca Kling and Crispin Torres, this year's Trans 100 will take place on March 29 at Mayne Stage in Chicago and be hosted by Precious Davis and Myles Brady.

Not only that, but the event's keynote address will be delivered by by "The Matrix" and "Cloud Atlas" co-director Lana Wachowski and a performance given by Against Me! lead singer Laura Jane Grace.

"Chicago is proud to host the Trans 100 Live Event for the third year in a row,” Torres said in a statement. “The list honors our trans community in a way that holds up each individual by their varied accomplishments, passion for change and their unique place in their local community. Trans 100 is great way to create visibility and further open the doors for progress for a group of people that are frequently sidelined in the mainstream media and policy change efforts, and I’m proud to help further its mission.”

The Trans 100 functions as an overview of the valuable work being done by individuals across the spectrum of transgender identity. Head here for more information about the Trans 100 and a list of previous nominees.



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