02/15/2015 04:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Some Guy Got Drake's Mixtape Art Tattooed On His Neck Because YOLO

Dedicated Drake fans have probably already memorized all of the songs on Drake's new mixtape, "If You're Reading This It's Too Late." But one man, Richy Huck, took his fandom to the next level with a tattoo that has made its way around the Internet:


Mike Bage, the tattoo artist from Bishop Auckland, U.K., who drew the artwork on Huck, told HuffPost Entertainment in an email about his friend's decision to get the tattoo:

Richy is a big fan of Drake, and since the popularity of his Miley Cyrus tattoo he thought this one would be a cool idea and would get people talking. He's got some strange tattoos already anyway: a lady riding a sausagedog, a loveheart with the word "tits" in, Miley Cyrus in the bath, a dog with boobs for eyes, etc., so this one didn't seem that weird. He said his parents have taken it well -- his dad 'just shook his head and got over it.'

Here's the aforementioned Miley tattoo (warning: graphic content):


Well, as Drake would say, you only live once.



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