02/17/2015 01:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Watch Women React When It Turns Out Their Tinder Date Is An 89-Year-Old Grandpa

Anyone who has tried online dating knows that profile pictures usually aren't totally accurate. But when five women saw a picture of 21-year-old Joe lounging shirtless in a beach chair, it's safe to say they never in a million years thought they'd find themselves sitting across from Joe -- who is now an 89-year-old grandfather.

YouTube Channel Slow Clap posted this hilarious video of of Grandpa Joe's grandson, Ethan, convincing gramps to take one for the team and go out on Tinder dates to pick up ladies for him.

Watch as Grandpa Joe (decked out in a tie) gets to know the women over drinks and even impresses them with his singing and rapping. "I'm normally into younger guys," one woman says.

While the women may have been shocked at first, Joe also gets more than he bargained for when an adult-store worker starts telling him about her sexual interests.

Check out the rest of the hilarity in the video above -- and don't forget the one question you should always ask on Tinder dates: "Do you have grandchildren?"

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