02/17/2015 05:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

11 Times Ed Sheeran Was So Ed Sheeran, It Hurt


Two platinum albums and a new single are definitely reasons to be excited, and today Ed Sheeran has something else to celebrate -- his 24th birthday. To honor the singer-songwriter, we've rounded up 11 times we wanted to be BFFs with our favorite ginger.

1. When he came up with the greatest invention ever. 2. When he was totally chill about performing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

3. When he played video games and cuddled with a cat at the same time.

4. When he rocked a necklace on the red carpet with Sophia Grace and Rosie.

5. When he hung out at a cat cafe in Japan.

Hanging out in a cat cafe. I love japan.

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6. When he had no shame when it came to showing his excitement for the S Club 7 reunion. 7. When he comforted himself with food. (Celebs -- they're just like us!) 8. When he had the best Halloween costume ever.

Yeah baby

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9. When he hashtagged YOLO and talked about all our favorite foods in a single tweet. 10. When he kept it real about being organized.

11. When he described our perfect Saturday night.

Happy birthday, Ed! May your day be more exciting than this tweet.

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