02/17/2015 09:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Corie Hodges Allegedly Stabs Man At Valentine's Day Gift Swap Gone Wrong

Jefferson County Jail

What started as a cute idea for kids escalated into a bloody altercation on Valentine's Day at an Alabama home.

Pleasant Grove police charged Corie Hodges with first-degree assault after he allegedly stabbed another man in front of his children at a Valentine's Day gift swap at the victim's home on Saturday. The stabbing victim was hospitalized but is expected to recover.

"The kids were screaming,'' Pleasant Grove police Sergeant Danny Reid told

WIAT reports that Hodges and his girlfriend went to her ex-husband's home for the gift exchange Saturday afternoon. The girlfriend's kids were supposed to have a party at their dad's house, then sleep over. But before long, he got into a heated argument with Hodges because he didn't want the suspect passing gifts out to his kids, and told him to leave the house.

According to

At some point, the ex-husband took the Hodges outside to talk. He told Hodges to stay out of his house, but in different words. He went back inside and Hodges pushed his way back in as well. As soon as Hodges entered, the ex-husband punched him in the face.

The men fought and Hodges stabbed his girlfriend's ex in the chest with a kitchen knife, then fled the scene. However, he turned himself in to police within the hour and provided a confession to officers. He was held in Jefferson County jail on $5,000 bond.

“When you’re dealing with ex-spouses and children and whatever the holiday, and they’re brought together things can turn bad real quick,” Reid told WIAT in a separate report.

Regina Shore, who works in the area told the station that that the violent stabbing was "unheard of" for the normally quiet neighborhood west of Birmingham.

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