02/17/2015 03:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Couple Filmed Having Sex In Broad Daylight Charged

A pair of suspected exhibitionists in California got slapped with misdemeanor charges after they were allegedly caught having sex in broad daylight.

Actually, "caught" isn't the right word. From the looks of video taken by witnesses, the young couple weren't exactly trying to do it on the sly when they started making out in front of a dress shop in Chula Vista.

Witnesses told KGTV that the man and the woman started "rolling on the ground, making out and getting sexual," in full view of a group of people that included minors -- teens dress shopping for prom.

Christy Peterson, who watched the incident unfold as she filmed it, told the station that the couple fooled around for about 15 minutes before the man convinced the woman to start taking her clothes off. He got naked, but she kept her skirt on.

"Her legs were in the air and the guy was on top. We were so shocked our mouths were just opened," Peterson told the station.

After security didn't show up, Peterson said she had to call Chula Vista police. She said the cops separated the pair, but that they "cuddled up while police were giving them tickets."

Cops told ABC News that the man, 20, and woman, 38, had just met on the trolley and didn't even know each other's names.

They weren't identified, but they were cited, and the man was taken to jail due to a probation violation. They now face misdemeanors.

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