02/19/2015 02:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ex-Porn Star Sasha Grey Denies Outrageous Death Rumor On Twitter


Ex-porn star Sasha Grey took to Twitter Wednesday to debunk a rumor that she had been killed by the Ukrainian military.

Grey, who quit the adult industry in April 2011, confronted a wild rumor that she was a woman named "Sasha Serova" who had been captured and brutally murdered by soldiers while volunteering as a nurse with Russian militants fighting in Ukraine. "Serova" is similar to the Russian word for "gray," according to the Moscow Times.

The bogus post featured a photo of Grey and a brief narrative describing her purported death. It went viral after it appeared Feb. 17 on a pro-Russian social media group. Mediaite reports that the rumor originated on the image board Dvach, described by the blog as "Eastern Europe’s version of 4Chan."

According to the Moscow Times:

The story says that a nurse named "Sasha Serova" was captured by Ukrainian military forces, who then filmed themselves "humiliating" her before chopping her body up with an ax.

Tweets below (Warning: Graphic language)

Grey appeared none too pleased about the post, tweeting her opposition soon after the rumor gained traction.

Grey, 26, became seen as pro-Western in Russia after tweeting support for "a coup that eventually overthrew the former pro-Russia prime minister of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich," according to Mediaite. She tempered her outrage over the false report of her death with sympathy for those affected by the conflict.

Although she has recently focused on mainstream acting roles, appearing on HBO's Entourage and several independent films, Grey remains an outspoken advocate for actors in adult entertainment. She defended outed Duke University student-turned-porn star Belle Knox in a 2014 interview.

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