02/20/2015 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Oreo Flavor Combinations You Can Make That Will Rule The World

The Oreo is one of those classics that needs no improvement and is best enjoyed simply, with a glass of milk. Still, from time to time, we can't help but search for new ways to consume America's favorite cookie.

We dabble in the different flavors -- some are better than others -- and we may or may not have scientifically proven the exact right amount of time to dunk an Oreo into milk. It's not easy to improve upon perfection, but as dedicated Oreo lovers, sometimes we can't resist the challenge.

Why not create your own, custom-made Oreos by twisting apart different flavored cookies and combining them with other flavors? It's literally a twist on the classic.

See what we mean? You can simply sandwich two Oreo halves together to create a simple, double decker cookie made up of two flavors. Or, you could get a little fancier by scraping off the filling and stacking creme upon creme to create multi-tiered cookies.

We tried a bunch of Oreo combinations with commonly sold flavors, but if you get your hands on a limited-edition flavor, why not put it to the test? We used the following flavors: Classic Oreos, Golden Oreos, Mint Fudge Cremes, Chocolate Oreos, Mint Oreos, Berry Oreos, Lemon Oreos and Birthday Cake Oreos. Below are 14 of our favorite combinations. The possibilities are practically limitless, so have fun with it. Experimentation is encouraged and delicious.

Oreo Fun

Special thanks to HuffPost editors Marc Janks and Gabriela Landazuri Saltos for the brilliant idea!

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