02/20/2015 10:28 am ET Updated Feb 20, 2015

Rocco DiSpirito's 'Negative Calorie' Meals Embrace Cooking As A Form Of Exercise

Can you lose weight by cooking? Chef Rocco DiSpirito says you can, and he dropped by HuffPost Live on Thursday to explain how.

"When you cook, you're doing something cardiovascular. It's aerobic exercise," DiSpirito told host Caitlyn Becker. "I've been wearing this Fitbit for years, and when I cook I sort of see that the steps added up much, much faster and the calorie burn accelerated much faster, so I realized, oh, that's right -- cooking is a form of exercise."

It's not just about the physical activity, of course; the food you're cooking must be healthy, too. DiSpirito's new book Cook Your Butt Off contains a handful of "negative calorie" recipes, meaning you'll burn more calories while you cook than you'll take in when you eat.

Those recipes include dishes like chocolate mousse and a batch of apple bran muffins. They all have fewer than 300 calories, which DiSpirito says pairs perfectly with a busy session in the kitchen than can burn up to 400 calories in an hour.

"I've designed the recipes to be super low-tech, so you do everything by hand -- so lots of box grating ... lots of chopping," the chef said.

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Hear more about DiSpirito's negative-calorie meals in the video above, and click here to watch his full HuffPost Live conversation.

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