02/23/2015 03:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13-Year-Old's Message For Her Mom Who Drinks

"My dad is going to prison and I'm really upset about it because he's the only parent I have in my life and the only one I can rely on," says a 13-year-old, whose face is blurred in the video above to protect her identity. "My mom's a complete drunk," says the teen, who has three older siblings. Her mom denies the accusations; watch her point of view here. The teen adds, "I cannot remember the last time my mom said she loved me or even hugged me. It's like she totally neglected me and doesn't really care about me at all.'"

In the video above, she tells her mom: "You're definitely going to take me in when my dad goes, or I'm going to just call child services on you and I'll just have somebody else take care of me, because I'd be in better hands than with you."

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