02/23/2015 05:02 pm ET Updated Feb 23, 2015

Actor Jason Hervey Got 11 Stitches In A Bar Fight Thanks To His Role On 'The Wonder Years'

Jason Hervey's unforgettable role as Kevin's taunting older brother Wayne Arnold on "The Wonder Years" gave the actor much more than memories and life-long relationships.

When Hervey stopped by HuffPost Live on Monday to discuss his upcoming show "Outlaw Country," he recounted an unbelievable story about a rough brawl that left him with 11 stitches, all because of his "Wonder Years" role. As Hervey explained, a man who "a little too much to drink" started a "big bar fight" when he recognized the actor.

"He takes this bottle and, you know, cracks it over my face," he said. "I remember as he hit me, my legs [started] to buckle, and it's not as cool as it looks in the movies. It's actually like a big thud."

It turned out Hervey's "Wonder Years" character had resonated with the man's experience with his own older brother.

"This guy who attacked me had a big brother that was just like the character. He told me how much he hates his brother and how much he hates me," Hervey said.

After the altercation, Hervey's face was left bloodied and injured.

"I literally just saw blood coming out of my face. Like it was cold, hot and blood, like a third faucet option. ... It was just everywhere," he said.

Unfortunately for the man who started the fight, Hervey was with a few of his friends who were ready and willing to defend him.

"I was out with some of my friends that made up about half of the defensive line of the Chicago Blackhawks, and let's just say that the bouncers had a night off that night," he said. "So as crazy as it was, I kind of ended up getting the last laugh."

Watch the full interview with "Wonder Years" actor Jason Hervey here.

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