02/25/2015 12:25 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2015

8 Times The Press Declared That Hillary Clinton Is Really, Really Running For President

Win McNamee via Getty Images

WASHINGTON -- At this point in the 2016 presidential race, it may be safe to assume that the reason Hillary Clinton is biding her time before making an official announcement on launching a campaign is partly to torture the restless horde of reporters assigned to cover her every waking step, tweet and selfie for a miraculous tell-all sign that she is, in fact, running for president.

The intense, yet often inane, coverage has produced scores of stories about how the former secretary of state has "given her clearest signals yet" about a presidential run. Over and over and over again. But, at least according to the press, Clinton has actually been running for president for years now.

Here's just a sampling of headlines:

The Suspense Is Gone: Hillary Clinton Is Running and Everyone Knows It (February 2015)

Clinton’s definitely running, but quietly for now (January 2015)

Hillary Clinton’s Midterm Schedule Makes It Clear: She’s Running (October 2014)

This Is How The Clinton Campaign Begins: Actually, it’s been going on for years. (September 2014)

REPORTERS: Hillary Clinton Is Running For President (September 2014)

Yes, Hillary Clinton is running for president (June 2014)

Hillary Clinton is definitely running for president. Here are five reasons why. (December 2014)

Hillary Clinton Is Running for President, OK? (February 2013)

So, are you convinced yet?



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