02/25/2015 11:09 am ET Updated Feb 27, 2015

Watch LeBron James Diss McDonald's, Then Remember They Pay Him

Allen Einstein via Getty Images

Ronald McDonald may have a bone to pick with LeBron James after this one.

While talking to the media on Tuesday, James opened up about how much healthier he's gotten since the days he used to scarf a certain fast food all the time.

"I ate McDonald’s my first couple years in the NBA and I didn’t stretch, I didn’t ice, it didn’t matter," he said. "I was 18, I could do whatever I wanted to."

The Cleveland Cavaliers player, now 30, is sponsored by McDonald's and has been featured in commercials over the years. A reporter shortly asked James when he last ate their food; quickly realizing his mistake, the superstar repeatedly said he eats McDonald's "every day," prompting laughter from members of the media.

"I just had it this morning," James added. "A good egg and sausage McMuffin."

Let's just hope McDonald's is willing to look the other way. In the meantime, check out James' 2014 McDonald's commercial, filmed alongside quarterback Johnny Manziel and soccer star Alex Morgan:

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