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10 Jobs You Can Do From Home

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Whether you already work and want to make more money, or are retired and looking to supplement your income, there are jobs out there that fit the bill.

“Many people who are retirement age opt for 'patchwork careers'—they piece together a variety of jobs they can do from home or on their own schedule,” says Christine Durst, a home-based career expert and co-founder of Here are some great make-extra-money suggestions.

  • Call center and customer service representative
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    “The offshoring movement (which sent so many phone-based customer service jobs overseas) has turned around and become a ‘homeshoring’ movement, creating thousands of home-based customer service jobs in North America,” says Durst.

    As a home-based agent, you’ll field calls for companies like Bluefly, Spiegel, American Agents, Hilton, Best Western, HSN, 1-800-FLOWERS, and many others. Depending on the company, you may work as either an employee or an independent contractor, but you can usually pick your own hours.
    Pay range:$8 - $18 an hour
    Where to look:
  • Teacher/tutor
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    You may be aware that many colleges offer online courses, creating great opportunities for virtual adjunct professors if you have a career specialty or skill. However, “there is also a growing demand for elementary and high school teachers as more public and private schools set up online classes,” says Durst. While some of these positions require a teaching background, many do not. You might also be able to teach English as a Second Language face-to-face via Skype.
    Pay range: $10+ an hour
    Where to look:
    College: and
    Elementary/High School: and
    ESL: and
  • Search engine evaluator
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    Evaluate and improve search engine results for some of the world's largest Internet search engine companies. Basically, you Google (or use another search engine) to look for specific topics, keywords, and images. You then review and rate the results.
    Pay range: $13+ an hour
    Where to look:
  • Direct sales/home parties
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    Want to start your own business? Consider starting a direct-sales business, such as Avon or Silpada where you host selling parties or meet with customers one-on-one. And don’t think your options are limited to makeup or jewelry. You can sell cookware, sporting goods, vitamin supplements, even security systems.
    Pay: Depends on products and commission.
    Where to look: The Direct Selling Association member directory lists legitimate companies.
  • Virtual juror
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    Review legal cases and render a verdict virtually. “Attorneys use virtual jurors to help them get a feel for the viability of their cases before they go to court,” explains Durst.
    Pay range: Cases vary in length, and pay can range from $5 to $50 depending on complexity.
    Where to look: and
  • Give your opinions of websites
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    Web site owners often wonder what visitors think when they experience their site for the first time. “As a site tester, you’ll provide candid feedback via video and audio recording of your gut reaction as you visit sites seeking feedback,” says Durst.
    Pay: About $10 per completed site review
    Where to look: and
  • Answer questions online
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    As a home-based question answerer, you’ll help people get answers to questions on the go. Here’s how it works: The person looking for an answer simply texts the question to one of these companies and home-based researchers find an answer and text it back for a small fee (questioner usually pays about .99 cents).
    Pay: About .10 to .20 cents per question answered. “Fast agents have reported making up to $9/hour,” says Durst.
    Where to look:
  • Focus group participant
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    Companies have long relied on test groups of their target markets to give their opinions of new products and concepts. “It can be fun to participate in Focus Groups,” says Durst. “You give your feedback in exchange for compensation, while helping guide the development of new products.”
    Pay: Depends on length of the study, but anywhere from $25 to up to into the hundreds.
    Where to look: and
  • "Looker"
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    “Lookers are the paid ‘eyes’ for people who aren't near things they need to see to confirm,” explains Durst. For example, buyers who are considering a major purchase of an expensive item they've found on Craigslist or eBay can hire a Looker who lives near the item's seller to check it out for them. Likewise, Lookers might check a vacation home for storm damage, check the condition of a rental house, or look into how well a loved one’s gravesite is being tended.
    Pay: $25 for each completed task
    Where to look:
  • Courthouse researcher
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    Visit courthouses in your area to gather information from public records. The information you collect may be from real estate filings, civil filings, or other court documents.
    Pay: $7 - $20/hour
    Where to look:, and

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