02/27/2015 05:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Proof That Dreadlocks Rock, And So Do The People Who Wear Them

Schoolchildren suspensions aren’t the only signs of dreadlock discrimination in the modern world.

18-year-old performer Zendaya was recently the target of an offensive comment made on E! News' "Fashion Police" Monday. It was a comment that the show's host Giuliana Rancic later apologized for after an outcry of backlash from fans and celebrities.

But Zendaya and the stars that have rocked locs before her do not stand alone in defiance of popular media trends and stigmas.

We asked the Black Voices family to help us show the world the beauty and diversity among the countless individuals who wear them everyday, all over the world:

It’s doesn’t matter what stigmas and stereotypes attempt to weigh down the natural hairstyle, locs aren’t going anywhere.

Check out some of the incredible heads of hair of BV readers below.

Iyesha, 34, Department Administrator

Juvaughn Scurlock, 23, Fashion Blogger/Stylist
juvaughn scurlock

Angel, 38, Office Manager. Abeni, 11, 6th Grader
angel and abeni wilson

Warren Covington, 29, STEM Coordinator, Lab Technician
warren covington

Māhealani Uchiyama, 57, Director of a Dance Studio and Polynesian Dance Company

Sherry Johnson,32, Senior Programmer Analyst
sherry johnson

Noah Andrade, 16, High School Student/Musician/Composer
noah andrade

Shanta, 32, Biologist

Saccario Marcus Corinthos, 28, Photographer/Model/Farmer
saccario marcus corinthos

Yvonne Green, 47, Paramedic
yvonne green

Tyler Williams, 22, Sales Specialist Buckhead Home Depot
tyler williams

Cyprianne, 27, Law Student



Stars With Dreadlocks