02/27/2015 11:15 am ET Updated Feb 27, 2015

5 Big Reveals From 'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 1 Finale


"How to Get Away with Murder" ended its Season 1 run with shocking revelations, including the truth behind Lila's death. The two-hour finale tied up loose ends, opened a new case and replayed exactly what happened between Lila, Griffin, Sam and Rebecca. Here's what went down on the Season 1 finale of "How to Get Away with Murder." (Spoilers ahead, obviously.)

Michaela gets her engagement ring back.
Towards the end of the episode, Laurel meets Michaela at a bar and hands her the engagement ring she thought she lost the night they took Sam to the woods. "I found it in Connor's car as soon as you said you'd lost it," Laurel says. "You were a disaster that night and I could tell you wanted to go to the police. If you thought they could find it, you'd stay quiet." That's what friends are for ... maybe?

Oliver tests positive for HIV.
Connor's boyfriend Oliver suggests they both get tested for STIs, and while Connor stresses about his results, Oliver is the one whose test comes back positive for HIV.

What happened to Rudy.
In not-so-shocking news, Rebecca lied about knowing Rudy, the student who lived in Wes' apartment before him. Turns out, the night Lila was murdered Rebecca gave him a drug called "Purple X," which prompted him to have a nervous breakdown. This explains the nail marks on the wall in the apartment. Rebecca called the cops and Rudy was committed to the psych ward.

We finally know who killed Lila.
FRANK! Frank killed Lila! It went down like this: Lila walked in on Griffin and Rebecca hooking up after Rebecca texted Lila from Griffin's phone, telling her to come over to his frat house. Lila went back to her sorority house and up to the roof. She called Sam and accused him of not loving her and not wanting their baby. He came to the sorority house, convinced her otherwise and said he was going home to break up with Annalise. Sam then called Frank, who is apparently the neighborhood hit man, and said, "It's Sam. I need you to do what we talked about. You owe me." What for? Who knows. Frank then strangled Lila and dumped her in the water tank. Rebecca showed up later that night, looking for Lila, drugged up on Purple X, and found her in the water tank. (You can watch it all unfold in the video above.)

Rebecca's tied up, freed, let go and found ... dead.
Yup. Rebecca's dead. After poking some holes in Rebecca's story, the lawyers in training freak out and tie Rebecca up in the bathroom. "Sam might've been innocent," Wes says to Annalise when she comes to the rescue. Somehow they transport Rebecca to the Keating office/home and try to figure out what to do. Their idea: a fake trial. Sure, why not. Nothing comes of this, thanks in part to Asher, who busts into the house demanding to know if Annalise found out about his relationship with Bonnie. The crew moves Rebecca to the basement, and after a bunch of conversations about what to do next, they find that someone let her go.

But, and this is a big but, in the final moments of the episode, "HTGAWM" reveals the real kicker: Rebecca's dead. The camera pans to show Rebecca, bloody beneath the stairs. Frank and Annalise stare at each other. "Was it you?" Annalise asks Frank. “No, Annalise, you know I’m not that guy. Besides, I thought it was you." Her response: “Because I’m that guy? Of course not.” Then Frank says what we're all thinking, "Now what?"



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