02/27/2015 12:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Things We Wish Were More Flexible

In a country that prides itself on giving every American the right to exercise his or her free will, there are still plenty of limitations and restrictions we wish would, well, just go away.

To highlight how much easier (and delightful) the world would be with more versatility -- and, to pour our frustrations out about the things that are not -- we’ve partnered with U.S. Cellular to bring you this list of things we wish were more flexible.

Pay Day

Sometimes, we could really use an advance on our next paycheck. Unfortunately, our HR department doesn't provide any kind of pay-ahead model for a big weekend sale at our favorite department store.

Post Office and Bank Hours

Even if we get out of work on time to mail that important document or open a savings account for our own, hard-earned money, there's usually a long, twisted line of countless other individuals trying to fit this small window of time into their busy lives. We can’t even make it to happy hour -- how are we supposed to finagle our way out of a late work night when the only reward is a lolli-pop?

Doctor’s Appointments

We almost always end up waiting anyway, yet we still adhere to the, “Please be on time” disclaimer receptionists remind us over the phone. If we’re going to be forced to hurry up and wait, all doctor’s offices should at least have Wi-Fi to accommodate the fact that we’re there during our lunch hour (which is really only 30 minutes).

Concert Ticket Sales

Monday at 10 a.m. is a perfectly appropriate time for company-wide meeting. However, it’s also when tickets go on sale for that sure-to-sell-out show we really, really need to go to. Maybe the boss won’t notice us pressing “refresh” every three seconds as he or she explains the company’s forecasts for next quarter.

Vacation Days

Planning to travel for your niece's wedding, your parent's anniversary and that relaxing beach getaway this year is quite the challenge when allotted just two weeks of vacation.

Parking Meters

Sometimes it feels like police officers are just waiting for the moment our meter expires to slap our car with a ticket. At least we can find some grace in the situation, as we've managed to avoid the tow trucks...for now.

Cafés That Only Offer Two Options: Tiny And Super Sized

Unlike our favorite pajama bottoms, coffee cups are NOT one size fits all. We'd love to see "medium" make a comeback.

Apartment Rental Leases

Wouldn't it be amazing if getting out of your lease a few months months early wasn't plagued with sacrificing your security deposit?

Work Hours

Working with doctor's office and bank hours is even more difficult when you're locked into a 9-to-5 job. It doesn't make getting the kids to and from school any easier, either.

Gym Memberships

The whole reason you join a gym is to get in shape for one certain event (right?) -- so getting locked into a year-long membership pretty much defeats the purpose. If you're going to pay for the whole year, get your money’s worth: take full advantage of the water cooler, use all the hot water in the locker room, and heck, even dine in!

Flight Reservations

Oh, did you want to cancel your flight? Pay no attention to that hefty rebooking fee.

Return Policies

That sweater looked great in the dressing room...but as soon as we got home, it pretty much sprouted devil horns and added ten extra pounds to our reflection. It’s unwearable -- but the return policy says, "Tough luck."

All Pants -- But Jeans, Specifically

Can Pajama Jeans just become acceptable to wear in public, already?

Wish a lot of things -- like phone plans -- were more flexible? U.S. Cellular believes that everyone deserves great prices on their wireless plan and offers that to everyone, not just families of four.