02/27/2015 03:04 pm ET Updated Feb 27, 2015

This 'Map To The Stars' Scene Scared Off Other Actresses, But Not Julianne Moore

A tricky scene that takes place in a bathroom didn't scare Julianne Moore away from accepting a leading role in "Maps To The Stars," but the same can't be said for others.

In a conversation with HuffPost Live on Thursday, the film's director David Cronenberg spoke of how the Oscar-winning actress didn't so much as question the sequence -- "a whole long, complex, funny dialogue scene while they're sitting on a toilet, farting and whatever else" -- unlike a number of her fellow Hollywood colleagues.

"[We had] no discussion whatsoever," he told host Ricky Camilleri. "It was other actresses -- this script being around for 20 years, other actresses had certainly seen it and many, many of them had big problems with that scene. They just felt they could not do that scene."

The veteran director recalled various actresses' ambivalence about being able act out that scene, but Moore didn't require any convincing.

"With Julie, it was no discussion at all because it was in the script," he recounted. "It was great. She loved it, as she did the rest of the script, and it was just, 'What's the best way to do it?' You know, where do we want to put the camera, how do we block it, what's the choreography, all just very pragmatic stuff. Nothing at all about the inner-life of that scene because it was right there on the page and it would come out in the performances."

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